Book Mold Removal

Book mold removal methods can be highly effective and efficient
Book mold removal methods given below are highly effective and efficient to remove black mold from your precious and antique books. Mold, as we all know, are known to cause allergic reactions, which result in bronchial irritation and asthma attacks. The common molds that we see in home and work surroundings can be a big issue if mold remediation is not initaited in early stages of mold growth.

Black mold is known to be one of the greatest dangers and hazard to both books as well as to humans. If you suspect or happen to see black mold then make sure to take action quickly as they will destroy the books and become a health hazard. There are times when water may have been polluted and unhygienic with sewage or harmful chemicals leading to black mold strains that are risky and unsafe. That is why book mold removal is very much important. Mold remediation should be done, otherwise it will harm us.

Book Mold Removal: Best Practices

When performing mold remediation on books you must wear protective clothing, gloves, along with a mask while you are up salvaging and preserving your books. Make sure you are cautious and ensure that you take strict preventative measures to protect not just your skin but also lungs.

It is said when the conditions of the environment are warm and humid, black mold can easily creep in and grow within 24 to 48 hours after the materials have gotten wet. In such conditions one should spread out and air dry the books as much as possible. If it has been more than 48 hours and you have not been able to air dry the books then the next best thing would be to freeze the books and then dry them later.

Increase the air circulation by turning on the fan at high speed. This will help in drying out most books. Using electric fans so as to give maximum air circulation should be done wisely by not pointing them directly at the books. If the weather permits then you can even set up drying space outdoors. Removing mold in direct sunlight is best as the UV rays from the sun will kill the mold. Doing this process inside increases the risk of spreading the black mold spores around your house. If you must do this inside, use some sort of HEPA air scrubber as you work and try to set up containment around the area you’re working in and wear a respirator to protect your lungs.

Checking with a book conservator may prove to be very helpful in case you have not figured out how to save books from mold. If black mold is present even after you have taken the above measures then you can always inquire about professional suggestions and recommendations. If you feel there are going to be any negative health effects by doing mold remediation, consult a doctor right away before the situation becomes complex.

Finally, of course, it is better to try to dry books quickly after they get wet and do not let the mold start growing in the first place.

Book Mold Removal TipsWe have the right tools for the job when it comes to mold remediation

What can you do about mold growth on the inside of a book? This is a more difficult task as the pages of books are so delicate. Follow the given steps below to salvage your book:

  • Brush any topical black mold off the pages.
  • Dampen a sponge or washcloth with a detergent/water mixture and very lightly brush over the black mold contaminated areas.
  • Be careful not to soak through the pages as they will dry and stick together permanently.
  • Open the books and set them in the sun to dry, as the sun can kill many types of black mold spores.
  • If the breeze is able to blow through the book it will help the pages to dry quicker as well.
  • Repeat the procedure as necessary.

Mold Remediation Rental Equipment

One last thought: we rent equipment. If you’re a DIYer and want to handle it all by yourself we applaud you! But, as the saying goes: have the right tools for the job. Going out and buying restoration equipment is expensive but we will rent equipment to you and talk you through doing it yourself. We’re here to help!

For more information about book mold removal, please call the experts at Disaster Restoration Experts at 303-801-0300!

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