Mold Damage Restoration

Mold is very common in places prone to frequent floods or high humidityMold is very common in places prone to frequent floods or high humidity. Mold grows in the presence of moisture on damp surfaces on the walls and ceiling or on books and furniture in one’s home. Water-leaks caused by heavy rains or broken pipes is the main reason behind the dampening of walls and ceiling in most homes. Mold grows rapidly within a few hours of exposure to moisture and form a dark and unpleasant patch across the walls and ceiling. Mold not only damages the appearance of your home, but also the structural strength of the building. Apart from the aesthetics and structural damage to the building, mold also causes serious health problems like asthma, nasal and sinus congestion, throat and eye irritation, skin problems and more. You should address this grave issue of mold damage at the earliest!

When it comes to mold damage restoration, it is not advisable to handle it on your own because, mold spores and the remnants of the cleaning process can have adverse effects on your health. Mold damage restoration can be best performed by mold cleanup professionals who have the required tools and training to handle the problem. We can provide you with exceptional mold damage restoration services which fit your budget. Our technicians are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) trained to identify different types of molds and use the right tools and mold removal chemicals to get rid of them effectively.

Initially, our professionals will conduct an on-site inspection to identify and evaluate the degree of mold damage in your home. After evaluation, they will design a mold damage restoration plan according to your budget. During cleanup, the technicians delve into the root cause of the mold problem, which is the water leakage and attend to it. Our technicians take great care to seal the area, so as to prevent the spreading of mold spores into unaffected area. Our IICRC certified professionals have years of experience in this arena. Our technicians use efficient drying machines and large HEPA air-cleaning units to get rid of the mold and sanitize the surrounding atmosphere. They will clear up the mold patches efficiently and take the necessary steps to repair and restore the affected areas. By relying on us, you not only save a lot of time and money but also your very lives from the various risks posed by the mold.

We provide excellent mold damage restoration services for every kind of mold situation. Feel free to call us for an immediate solution to your mold problems.

For more information about our mold damage restoration, please call the Experts at Disaster Restoration Experts at 303-801-0300!

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