Cigarette Odor

Cigarette Odor in your home can be quite unpleasantCigarette Odor in your home can be quite unpleasant to your guests! Cigar or cigarette smoke has the weird quality of lingering on to its surroundings. No matter what it comes across, it clings on to them. Whether they are walls, carpets, ceilings, closets, curtains, or clothes, they tend to seep into every possible thing. We provide you with the best solutions for odor removal, so that you feel warm and healthy at home. Removing the cigarette odor from each nook and cranny of your home can be really taxing. Therefore, you will need professional assistance to get the work done in a jiffy. We are here to provide you with easy and natural ways of odor removal. You can simply visit this article to learn more about the methods and techniques used by us.

Cigarette smoke has the ability to get into pores. For instance, carpets and carpet pads have pores that absorb the cigarette odor inside. Hence, it becomes necessary to clean them on a regular basis. We suggest you to steam-clean your carpets and carpet pads every six months. It is also advisable to sprinkle some cornmeal and borax over the carpet, then leaving it for an hour, and then vacuuming it. This process completely removes the cigarette odor, which you have been trying to remove for ages. White vinegar can also prove to be a very natural, effective and non-toxic disinfectant. Cleaning the walls and ceilings with vinegar can help you get rid of the stink particles easily. Most of your house is sure to engulf the cigarette odor in it. Since, most parts including the ceiling, the drywall, the potteries, the fabrics and furniture are porous in nature; they tend to attract the smoke particles towards them.

We make Cigarette Odor Go Away

Once the house has absorbed the entire odor, you will need to carefully clean each object that forms a part of your home. We suggest you to wash the carpets, carpet pads and fabrics like the curtains and table clothes regularly with strong and disinfecting detergents. Once you are done with the tedious tasks of rinsing, washing and drying the bigger objects, you must move on to the unnoticed air ducts and crannies in the house. They hide the tiny particles in the unseen areas which continue to linger in the air. Therefore, it is extremely essential to clean these parts of your house. In the end, you can light scented candles and coat the room with a good air freshener to keep a sweet scent lingering in the atmosphere.

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