Unless you're professionally trained to clean up trauma scenes then it is highly advised that you call a professionalCleaning up biohazards, trauma scenes or crime scenes are never easy jobs to do by yourself. Often, the emotional strain of cleaning up such places is enough, in itself, to hire a professional. A Disaster Restoration Experts we have a compassionate approach to such situations as well as the technical expertise to do a complete cleanup job.

The Hazards of Trauma Cleanup

Body fluids like blood and saliva carry germs and diseases in them. Unless you’re professionally trained to clean up trauma scenes then it is highly advised that you call a professional. A professional Crime Scene Cleanup Technician also needs to have certain shots an inoculations to keep them from having long term biological effects from handling such materials. A professional biohazard cleanup will also require that the technicians have the proper PPE (Professional Protective Equipment) with include gloves, tyvec suits and a special breathing apparatus. These vaccinations and protective equipment are combined by a trained technician to keep him or her from catching diseases like ┬áHIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

Compassion and Cleanliness in a Biohazard Scene

We realize that biohazard cleanups are never easy for those most closely involved in them. We, therefore, are very aware for the need for compassionate and quick service. Our technicians are available 24/7 to be there when you need us most. In addition to being on time we can also be trusted to be discrete and compassionate.

Crime Scene Cleanup and CSI

Our technicians are also trained in specialized Crime Scene cleanup. We work together with local law enforcement professionals to maintain the integrity of the crime scene so that evidence is not destroyed before law enforcement professionals have a chance to do their work. Tampering or destroying evidence in a crime scene is a crime and should be avoided until you have been given clearance by the involved agencies who have jurisdiction of the area.

Phone consultations are always free at Disaster Restoration Experts. If you have any questions about trauma cleanup please call the Experts at 303-801-0300 today!

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