There are a lot of different ways that water can get into your home. Whether it has just creeped in due to the latest storm or you have found that the water is sitting in your home for an unknown amount of time, you need a water removal professional to come in and handle all the work. From inspecting the area to see how much damage is present to removing the water, cleaning the area, and repairing all of the water damage, our professional water restoration professionals at Disaster Restoration Experts can get it all done for you!

Inspection and Assessment

Once you give our water removal specialists a call, we are able to come by your home or office and complete a full water damage inspection and assessment of the situation. Our first goal is to find and then stop the source of water. We need to stop the water source before we can start the drying process.

From there, we can identify the type of water that is present. There are three types of water and the type in your home will determine what steps we can take. This is part of our inspection and assessment so we can come up with a plan that is good for you. The three types of water that we look for are white, gray, and black.

From here, we are going to survey how much damage has been done by the water in your home and then inspect the premises to see what else we may miss. This helps us to see the extent of the damage while also looking for any safety concerns you need to be aware of. We can end by moving or blocking the furniture to help keep them safe as we work through the rest of the water removal process.

Water Removal

Once we have inspected and assessed the damage and where the water is located in your home, we can move on to water removal. It is impossible to get your home dried and repaired if water is still there. Our highly trained professionals will start to remove the water as soon as possible. The method we use will depend on how much water is there. We could use wet/dry vacuums or even submersible pumps if it is deep.

We can use a variety of tools to help us determine how much water is present and even to figure out whether all the water is gone or not. Some of the tools we may use to remove the water include:

  • Moisture detectors
  • Infrared cameras to help us find water that is hidden in your home.
  • Pumps to get rid of the water when it is high.
  • Extraction units to help efficiently remove the water

Drying and Dehumidification

Once we are certain that the water is gone, it is time for our professionals to work on drying out all the area that had water in the first place. We can work with several methods to help dry out everything and make sure that no moisture is left behind. Our goal is to use all methods possible to remove any water that is retained by building materials and other areas where this moisture may be hard to access. We can then carefully monitor the progress until all our drying goals are met.

This process may take a few days to complete. We want to make sure that all of the moisture is gone. If any is left behind, it could cause further damage to your home and some of the support structures found with it.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

The next step that our water removal specialists can work on is cleaning and sanitizing the area. we can now take a look at all of the damage that the water did and clean it all up. Our goal is to clean the area while still preserving your home and valuables as much as possible. We can provide a wide variety of services to help including:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Immersion cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Foam cleaning
  • Spray and wipe
  • Wet cleaning

During this time, we will help remove any mold that may be left behind. Even if the water was only been in your home for a short time, it is possible that some mold can start to build up. We will provide sanitizing and cleaning services to make sure that the mold is gone and will not harm you or your family. During this time, we can also work to remove all odors in the home so you can get your home as good as new.

Water Damage Restoration

Restoration is the final step of the process we can provide. Our goal here is to get your business or home back to the condition it was in before water got in. Sometimes, this step will only involve some small repairs, like installing new carpet or replacing a little drywall. However, the amount of work necessary will depend on how much damage occurs.

If your home needs some water damage restoration to get it back into the best shape, our water restoration professionals are able to help out with this. Some of the repair and restoration services that we provide at Disaster Restoration Experts include:

  • Carpet repair and installation
  • Painting
  • Tile floor repair
  • Hardwood floor repair
  • Drywall removal and installation

Our professionals are happy to answer all of your questions and will make sure you get all of the best materials to make your home as good as new. We hope to catch the water damage as quickly as possible, preventing any more damage that necessary to your home. But no matter how much damage you find in your home or office space, our water removal specialists are happy to help take care of it and replace anything that is destroyed.

When water gets into your home, it is important to find the right water removal specialists near you as soon as possible. At Disaster Restoration Experts, we can provide some of the best customer service around, completing all of the steps above and answering your questions every step of the way. Contact us today to get started with your water removal right away.

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