Pet Odor Removal

Pet odor removal can be a tricky thing. Often times it is a small problem where the cat or dog had a one-time accident. Some times it is a bigger problem which affects a wide area. Either way, it is not a problem that can be ignored. Ignoring the problem will only make the problem worse. In addition to the smell and the unsanitary conditions it creates, by allowing a smell to go untreated you are giving your dog or cat tacit permission to make a mess in the house. That is to say that when they smell a spot on the carpet where another animal has already made a mess then they think they either need to cover it up with their smell (territorial issues) or they think that’s the place that it’s ok do do their business because there’s already a smell there. We see this all the time. Dogs will usually use one part of the yard to do their business rather than randomly depositing it all over the yard. If you allow this part of the yard where they do their business to also include a part of the house then  you’re in for a lot more pet accidents in the future.

How to Clean Pet Odor

At Disaster Restoration Experts we have a lot of experience dealing with pet odors

Cat urine removal from carpet.

Cleaning pet odors can be as simple as using some simple household cleaners and it can be as complicated as ripping up all of the flooring, seal-coating the floor beneath and then reinstalling all new flooring. It really depends on how long you’ve let this problem go on without dealing with it. Steam cleaning a carpet to remove cat urine is usually something that most homeowners will start with. The only problem with steam cleaning a carpet is that you’re usually only steam cleaning the carpet above the pad. The carpet pad below will usually retain the stain and when the carpet dries the stain will wick up (pulling the stain and pet odor from the pad back up into the carpet) from the pad below. A good carpet cleaner will usually know how to minimize wicking but, often times, the pad simply needs to be replaced.

How We Help Remove Pet Odor

At Disaster Restoration Experts we have a lot of experience dealing with pet odors. We have the experience and skills to understand exactly where the smell is coming from and how to best eliminate it. Often pet odor removal is similar to cigarette odor removal and can be quite involved. Give us a call today at 303-801-0300 and we’ll come out and help diagnose the problem so that we can quickly make the odors go away.

If you’ve got any questions about pet odor removal or just odor removal in general please call the Experts today at 303-801-0300 where phone consultations are always free!

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