The Importance of Cleaning Up a Flooded Basement to Avoid Mold

Cleaning up a flooded basement is a tough job.

Aside from the fact that you are already devastated with the tragedy, there are also a lot of things that you have to take care of.  Of course, there’s your family who is probably traumatized with what happened.  This is the reason why some people choose to just let the flooded basement sit for a few days so they can take care of what they think are the more important things.  They also think that letting flood sit for a few days won’t do further damage.  They’re probably thinking that since the basement is already flooded, there’s no sense in cleaning it up at once.  After all, it couldn’t get any worse.

That’s where these people are wrong.  If you don’t take care of cleaning up a flooded basement immediately, things can get worse…much worse.  You probably don’t know that you can still save most, if not all of your things.  If you contact a professional to take care of it immediately, everything can be back to normal in a short time.  Yes, you can save your basement and the important things in it.  If you don’t, the things that could have been saved will be damaged forever.  This includes your basement.

Besides, you’re putting yourself and your family in danger if you let it stay flooded.  Remember that the basement is basically where your home’s foundations are in.  Water basically cripples your home’s foundations and that can be a bigger cause of concern.

Humidity in a crawlspace or basement gives the optimum conditions for mold. If your basement/crawlspace is continually humid then you should consider installing a dehumidification system for long term use.

Mold and the Flooded Basement

In addition, there is a hidden killer in not cleaning up a flooded basement.  Mold is an after-effect of a flood.  The worst thing about it is you won’t even notice as they build up in your basement’s nooks and crannies.  Some people think that they’re nothing more than eyesores.  Yes, they are eyesores because they really don’t look good.  But more importantly, they can cause a lot of diseases and even death.  Mold is considered as an allergen and this is why it’s bad for the lungs.  If someone in your home already has lung problems, then mold can be deadly.

Mold can also be considered as “termites” in such a way that they slowly eat away at your home.  Just like termites, you’ll never know that they’re already causing damage until it’s too late.  Mold has powerful enzymes that can do this and you have to do everything in order to avoid it.

Call the Professionals to Help with a Flooded Basement

The hard part about it is taking care of it yourself is also a health-risk and this is why you shouldn’t expose yourself to mold.  In cleaning up a flooded basement, it’s best to just leave it to the professionals.  They can take care of a flooded basement immediately to avoid mold build-up and if there are already molds, they can take care of them as well.

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